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Lexus International Ltd distributes to all types of independent retailers, from traditional Shoe shops, to multiple retailers, Dress shops, Boutiques, Department stores and Internet retailers. The brand LEXUS is exclusive and unique, Specializing in the Evening/Occasional Wear and Bridal wear Industry, for which it as over 25 years of experience. Our stockists are global with the majority being across U.K and many Europe countries. All Lexus products are handmade, designed in-house to become items of beauty that the woman will love, and be comfortable in whatever the special occasion, be it a party, dinner or a wedding. All designs are made from quality materials with the elements of glamour and sophistication for the cosmopolitan woman of today, looking to stand out in the crowd.

The LEXUS shoe collection is timeless, with very fashionable and stylish concepts with uppers of ornamental trims or uppers that are just so intricately created. All shoes are available with a 100% matching handbag made from the same fabric, and will feature the same trim. The colour range of the collection includes the latest fashionable colours that will match your outfit perfectly. The shoes are available in a various heels sizes to suit your needs, also to ensure comfort, all shoes have padded in socks and a selection of styles are also available in a wide fit or extra-large sizes. All Lexus products will arrive in beautiful cooperate LEXUS branded packaging, to give a luxury and quality feel to the product.


It has always been our passion and enthusiasm to deliver a high quality of service and product to our customers, and with our management team, over the years these ethics have paid off allowing the brand to expand far beyond our imagination, now selling in many reputable retail outlets in U.K and abroad, plus the brand is constantly featured in many high profile magazines, fashion shows and catwalks.

The Designer – Saki Southi

Portait of Designer and Director Saki SouthiLexus was created by Saki Southi in 1989, who originally worked in sourcing, designing developing and importing stock for high street retailers from across the globe, selling millions of pairs of shoes. Today it is a very different company, it is a brand House, selling LEXUS branded products to those looking for individual designs and uniqueness. We have now also launched our new premium leather brand under the name SAKI SOUTHI.

The many years of experience have given Saki Southi the skill and creativity to design collections that the public wants to buy, which is the secret of any successful business, to the extent the collection has taken the company and the brand to be a world-class player, in a very dynamic fast-moving fashion industry.