Lexus Shoes and Handbags

The Lexus Logo

The range aimed at women looking for sophisticated glamorous styles in high heels.

Fashion footwear in Heels, from stilettos to platforms.


A wide comfort Fit range, with D and E fittings


These are styles with Medium to low heels, for all-day wear


The Shoes and Sandals for your Wedding Day

Matching Handbags

Our collection of stunning matching handbags perfectly accompanies any pair of shoes in our collection. As well as the way all our bags complement the original style of the shoes, they are all made from the exact same material too. This means you can be sure that any bag with the same material as a pair of our shoes, will match 100%

The SAKI SOUTHI Brand Logo
The Saki Southi Range

A nude pink fashion shoe by LexusIntroducing the new Saki Southi Leather collection, a range of leather lined and leather In-sock shoes with the same stunning designs you can expect from Lexus International.

Designed with 100% Leather lining and leather in-sock, this collection features the newest premium diffusion designs, perfect for any occasion, with handbags to match.